To expand our organization and infiltrate the Southern California market by raising the standards with agents who share our philosophy.

Our Values...

  • To present insurance as it is intended—to provide protection against future loss.
  • To meet our clients’ needs before they know they have that need
  • To keep moving forward with our proactive, not reactive, approach to providing service to our clients.
  • To have every business decision made with integrity, foresight, and due diligence.
  • To provide a positive atmosphere for our employees and agents while maintaining mutually beneficial relationships.
  • To provide our carriers with all available information pertaining to our clients and prospects so that premium is calculated equitably in order to provide adequate coverage while maintaining a fair operating profit.
  • To present products and services that are suitable for our clients, and that as needs change, so do the products and programs offered.
  • To provide “consumer-directed” health insurance and property and casualty insurance that is the right coverage for the right price.
  • To remain informed of industry trends and developments that may impact our clients, and to communicate these trends.
  • To partner with vendors that will further our company objective and enhance our business processes.

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